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Ash Wednesday

March 2nd is the start of the Lent season and Ash Wednesday. Jubilee Church decided to have time to deeply meditate on the cross of

Southeast Region November 20th Retreat

The Four Spiritual Laws Saturday, November 20th, the Southeast region of churches and fellowships will hold a retreat before thanksgiving week. The retreat will have

October 19th one day Mission Trip

Tuesday October 19th, we were commissioned to visit the University of Mississippi, Ole Miss, to evangelize and connect with students for online bible studies.  In

Worship Night

Sing to the Lord, for he has done glorious things;    let this be known to all the world. Isaiah 12:5 At 6:30 this Saturday, Jubilee church will hold

Jubilee Church Mini Retreat

On October 16th, Jubilee Church plans to hold a mini retreat in collaboration with Youth Evangelical Fellowship. The retreat will allow for the attendees to

Southeast Region Weeklong Retreat

Sermon on the Mount Starting from October 11, the Southeast Region of Churches in the Olivet Assembly will hold a retreat ending on October 15th.

Sunday Worship Service (6/27)

Death, Denial, and Resurrection If there is only one expression in Scripture of an important and pervasive principle, It is the principle of death and