Save the Date: Jubilee Church’s Pentecost Retreat, May 17th-19th

Mark your calendars and prepare your hearts for a transformative experience at Jubilee Church’s upcoming Pentecost retreat, scheduled to take place from **May 17th to the 19th**. This annual celebration holds a special significance for the congregation as they gather to commemorate the biblical account found in Acts 2:1-3, which narrates the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles.

The retreat will feature engaging sermons, uplifting worship sessions, and moments of personal reflection aimed at deepening participants’ relationship with God and one another. Through guided prayers and heartfelt discussions, attendees will be encouraged to open their hearts to the transformative power of the Spirit, just as the apostles did on that fateful day of Pentecost.

May this year’s Pentecost retreat at Jubilee Church be a time of spiritual awakening, deepening of faith, and a reaffirmation of the enduring presence of the Holy Spirit in the lives of all who participate. Let us come together in anticipation and readiness to receive the blessings and guidance that Pentecost brings, uniting our hearts and minds in a shared journey of faith and reflection.