Our music ministry is dedicated to performing music that praises God, gives glory to His holy name, and worships Him with honor. Worship for Sunday and Wednesday church service starts 15 minutes before service, so come early with hearts ready to worship!

The music ministry fellowship is a place where you can meet other musicians who are in similar situations as you, who share the same dreams and hopes of the kingdom of God. The ministry works towards a goal of recovering our fellowship with God and uniquely fulfilling the will of God in each Christian’s life.Through music, we strive to bring the gospel to those who are lost, to gain unique personal experience in a performing arts ministry, and along the journey forming a supporting network with local and global artists who share the same passion, dream, and faith.

You are always welcome to join the music team if you have musical talents and a heart set on praising the Lord.

You will be invited for an audition and to hear the vision of the Worship team.