• Seven Students Gathered at Vanderbilt Bible Study

    Vanderbilt Campus Bible study was blessed with seven students and four students were newcomers. Jubilee Church has been praying for the stable seven students to join the Bible study, and God is answering to the prayer week by week. Now Jubilee Church ministers also are praying for the potential students who could come to church services and worship nights, so that the campus students could be connected to the church and be part of the community of Jubilee Church together. During the Bible Study, the group leader shared the message from John 4 :1-42. Students discussed the spring of the living water and the meaning of husband which Jesus asked the Samaritan woman to bring to Him. The discussion helped…

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  • September 5 | 2017
    Jubilee Church Held Sunday Service With Breaking Bread and Blessing

    On September 4th, Jubilee Church had Sunday Service to learn about faith of Abraham. In Romans 4, Paul proves the principle of justification by faith with the example of Abraham and David. The promise of God given to Abraham, as Paul saw it, was dependent on two things and two things only-the free grace of God and the perfect faith of Abraham. It is such a great hope to us as well. No matter how evil a father we may have, we too have received the promise to be heirs of God. And the way to be an heir has nothing to do with where we came from or what we did but it is only by grace and faith….

  • August 30 | 2017
    Jubilee Church Concludes Summer Retreat with Joy and Blessings

    On August 27th, Jubilee Church in Nashville finished this year’s Summer Retreat with the Sunday Service message about cost of being disciples. Eight visitors drawn by Worship Night joined the service together. When a lot of people came to Jesus because of miracles, Jesus withdrew himself from people. Now it’s the time to train disciples, so when people came to Jesus to say I want to follow you, Jesus spoke very challenging words to them. As the disciples of Jesus, we should live a life surpassing the confines of materials, blood lineage, and past life. One pastor who is visiting American churches from India gave a testimony about his faith during table fellowship time. This Sunday is the last service…

  • August 7 | 2017
    Jubilee Church Releases Summer Retreat Schedule On August 25th-27th

    On August 25th-27th, Jubilee Church will have this year’s Summer retreat. They will focus on the study of some gospel stories to reflect on Jesus Christ and the Christian life we should live. The schedule will be as below: August 25th 5 PM: Opening Service 6 PM: Supper 7 PM: Prayer August 26th 11 AM: Bible Study 1 12 PM: Lunch 2 PM: Bible Study 2 6 PM: Worship Night August 27th 10:45 AM: Sunday Service Welcome to join us to have this devotion time with the Lord.

  • July 5 | 2017
    Jubilee Church Campus Evangelism Is Strengthened

    On July 4, one student Shawn joined the Jubilee Church campus evangelism at Vanderbilt University. This month he will be helping the ministries in Nashville as he will attend the music class at the Jubilee School. Shawn is passionately evangelizing people, hoping to increase the number of church service and Bible study attendants. Although it was the national holiday, some students responded positively to come to Jubilee church’s bible study and worship night events. Please pray for the Jubilee Church campus mission to increase in the number by the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • June 11 | 2017
    Mid-Atlantic Region Decides to Hold Joint Pentecost Retreat

    The Mid-Atlantic region in the U.S. decided to hold a joint retreat for the upcoming Pentecost. The region will have three cities gathering, Washington, D.C., Richmond and Raleigh. Sunday, June 4 is Pentecost and there are less than 30 days remaining. “It took awhile for us to come to a consensus. Nonetheless, this decision brings us much excitement. The early church made great effort to gather, especially on Pentecost, and they prayed. That’s when the work of the Holy Spirit happened,” shared Bethel Church minister Sam Kim. He added, “The work of the Holy Spirit still goes on today and we eagerly expect to experience the same miracle as the early church. It is our hope to evangelize and gather…