4/20 Sunday Worship Service : Illegalities of Christ’s Trial (John 18:19-24)

April 20 | 2020

As it was for us, what the priests, scribes, and elders did on the occasion of Christ’s trial is not so different from what men and women are doing even today. Christ is proclaimed as the unique Son of God, but millions reject fusing to hear his defense. There is a defense. It is presented regularly in countless Christian churches, on radio and television programs, in books, and other forms of communication. But they will not hear it. They will not go to church. They turn the radio and television off or watch an entertainment channel. What shall we say of such people? Are they honest? No more than Caiaphas! Are they wise? Hardly! For if Jesus is who he claimed to be, the fact is a matter of life and death to all people.