4/14 Tuesday Morning Service : Gethsemane (John 18: 1-2)

April 14 | 2020

Arthur W. Pink : The entrance of Christ into the Garden at once reminds us of Eden. The contrasts between them are indeed most striking. In Eden, all was delightful; in Gethsemane, all was terrible. In Eden, Adam and Eve parleyed with Satan; in Gethsemane, the last Adam sought the face of His Father. In Eden, Adam sinned; in Gethsemane, the Savior suffered. In Eden. Adam fell; in Gethsemane, the redeemer conquered. TheĀ conflict in Eden took place by day; the conflict in Gethsemane was waged at night. In the one, Adam fell before Satan; in the other, the soldiers fell before Christ. In Eden the race was lost; in Gethsemane Christ announced, ‘Of them whom thou gavest me have I lost none'(John 18:9). In Eden, Adam took the fruit from Eve’s hand; in Gethsemane, Christ received the cup from His Father’s hand. In Eden, Adam hid himself; in Gethsemane, Christ boldly showed Himself. In Eden, God sought Adam; in Gethsemane, the last Adam sought God! From Eden Adam was ‘driven’; from Gethsemane Christ was ‘led.’ In Eden the ‘sword’ was drawn (Gen.3:24); in Gethsemane the ‘sword’ was sheathed (John 18:11).