Looking for volunteer musicians for worship service

December 14 | 2019

Hello, Christian musicians in Nashville
I’m Nate, a D.Min student who serves as a volunteer preacher and a worship leader at Jubilee Church.
I’m currently looking for volunteer members to lead worship with me.

If you become a Worship Team of the Jubilee Church
1. We will lead worship together.
2. We will make a worship song together. (If our own warships were made, we would call them ‘Jubilee Song’.)
3. We will make an album with the songs we made together.
4. We will have regular worship concerts or worship nights

Jubilee Church is a pioneer church that does not own a place, but God’s grace allows us to receive the place and music equipment from the Jubilee School(A Christian Music School). So Jubilee Church can provide church musicians with concert halls, showcase stages, recording studios and a variety of music-related equipment. Jubilee Church is an optimized church for Christian musicians.
(You can see the place and facilities in FB page)

Anyone interested in this work can apply.
And I especially recommend it to those who have musical talent but have not yet experienced the ministry of worship.

I’m looking for vocals, guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, engineers/studio engineers, songwriters, etc.
If you are interested, please leave your intention to participate at the following email address or contact information.

jubileechurch24@gmail.com / 615-710-4765