28th July Sunday Service ‘the Bride and the Bridegroom’

July 28 | 2019

28th July 2019, Sunday, Nashville Jubilee Church had a service with the theme ‘the Bride and the Bridegroom’ based on ‘John 3:29’.

Below is a summary of the sermon.

John 3:29

“The bride belongs to the bridegroom. The friend who attends the bridegroom waits and listens for him, and is full joy when he hears the bridegroom’s voice. That joy is mine, and it is now complete.”

This verse teaches us about Jesus Christ in the role of the bridegroom and about what believers in Christ have become because of their engagement to him.

In the first place, John was applying an Old Testament image to Christ. John was teaching that Jesus is God. In the Old Testament  Jehovah, the God of Israel is the bridegroom. Israel is the unfaithful wife and bride. John preached on the basis of old Testament themes. He knew that Israel was the bride and Jehovah was the bridegroom. Now Jesus appears, and John immediately casts him in God’s role.

The second major teaching of the bride and bridegroom imagery is of the high calling of the church. She is the one for whom Christ died. She is married to him. Consequently, she is called to be faithful. She can commit spiritual adultery. she commits adultery whenever she departs from the Jesus of the Bible, the spirit of Jesus that witnesses to him through Scripture, or the gospel of salvation by faith in Christ alone. Has the church done this? This is a question that must be asked afresh at each age.

Third, this can be applied to each person. Schaeffers states, “Marriage is set forth to be the illustration of the relationship of God and his people, and of Christ and his church. … The relationship of God with his people rests upon his character, and sexual relations outside of marriage breaks this parallel which the Bible draws between marriage and the relationship of God with his people. Women are to love as the church loves Christ. Men are to love as Christ loves. If we break God’s illustration by such a relationship, it is a serious thing.”

Finally, there is this great lesson in the image. It also teaches us about the return of Jesus Christ. How do you live to wait for the Lord’s return? Donald Grey Barnhouse wrote, “Dear friends, our Lord Jesus is coming back and He is going to find you and me in one of two attitudes. Will you be flirting with the world, or will you be occupied with His love letters, His gifts, His work, thinking of Him?”

After the service, all member shared own received grace with lunch. One member said, with mentioning Pastor David saying in this morning service, that the way of our coming and going is same with keeping and protecting this relationship between God and believers as the bride and the bridegroom.

And then all member did clean up all place and finished all scheduled in the church.