3rd July, Wed. Service “Seeing is believing or Believing is seeing 2”

July 3 | 2019

In last Wed. worship service, the Jubilee Church shared with the title “Seeing is Believing or Believing is Seeing 2” in the same text as the Sunday of June 30. If we have looked at the meaning of the whole content on June 30, this time we focused more on applying it to our lives.

Below is a sermon summary.

The nobleman in the text is a stranger. For now, he is a senior official. In other words, he is not a Christian. Nevertheless, he believed in Jesus Christ and came to Jesus to save his son. Because he was a high-ranking official, he could have brought his followers with him. However, he visited Jesus himself. He had the belief that Jesus could heal his son, but it was a very weak faith and a curious faith. He was looking for Jesus because he could not find a way in the world, so he took a straw. Against such belief, Jesus begins the conversation with rebuke. But he did not take a stand against Jesus. He humbled his need for Jesus again. Jesus tells him that his son will live and that he may go. Amazing things happen here. He did not see his son alive, but he went back to the way he had come to trust Jesus completely. When the Son was wrestling, he believed in the words of Jesus, whom he could not understand or accept. And his son lived again, and all his house received Jesus because of it.

He was not a Christian. And his desire was not to be as faithful and magnificent as ‘the kingdom of God’ but as a solution to his own tragedy in the world. Nevertheless, through faith, he received the Lord’s response to his petition.

We are Christians and ministers who build the kingdom of God. Our prayers for our ministry are, above all, important and prioritizing things to God than any supplication of the world. But we also go through the same process as the Nobleman in the text. If we are true believers, we will ask the Lord for the need for our ministry and we will go straight to believing that our petitions have already been answered. If not, we will receive the Lord’s rebuke like a nobleman in the text. If we humble our hearts and ask Him again in spite of His rebuke, He will raise our faith. The Lord is telling us this. “All your prayers will be fulfilled. Go and do as you pleased.”

Believing is seeing. If we really believe in God, we will see that belief.