16th June,  Sunday Service “Follow Me” in John 21:22. 

June 16 | 2019

On June 16,  Jubilee Church worshiped on the theme of “Follow Me” in John 21:22.

The Apostle John emphasizes discipleship in this place, unlike Acts, which emphasizes what Jesus Christ said before he ascended. In fact, this is the same thing as the Lord’s first statement in John’s Gospel. ‘Follow me’, that is, Christianity is Jesus Christ itself. The interpretation of this statement is well illustrated in Luke 9: 23-24. To follow the Lord means to deny yourself first and to take the second self-cross. John Stott said that denying oneself is a thorough abandonment of sin. He says that repentance does not just end with the remorse of conscience, but with the torment of his anguish before God, but from sin. The Christian writer, Elizabeth Eliott, said of his ‘taking his cross’: When we speak of taking our own cross, it is something we do not want, but something we can not avoid. However, it is not to be reluctant to take your cross. It is not the way of the cross that the Lord has walked on. The Lord’s way of the cross is to be proactive and pleasing in your own way. If we are to be obedient to this last word of the Lord before the Lord ascended up as a Christian, we must check ourselves for the above two things and learn to fully follow the Lord through His life.