Nashville Jubilee Church attends Easter Union retreat

April 19 | 2019

Nashville Jubilee Church participated in MIdwest and Southeast Union Easter Retreat held in St. Louis Jubilee Church from 19th to 21st.

This retreat was attended by the Bethel Community Church in Atlanta, the Jubilee Church in St. Louis, and the Jubilee Church in Nashville centered around Calvary Community Church in Detroit.

Nashville Jubilee Church was in charge of the Friday Prayer and Bible Study 2 at this retreat and served on the drum and PPT of Worship Night.

The Friday prayer meeting was led by P. Isabel. Below is a summary of the prayer meeting.

John 19:30
When he had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.

Today is Good Friday. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was crucified for our sins. There are many of us who have led us on that cross until the Lord is crucified. There are many aspects to our sinfulness. Some will be like the disciples of the Lord who have run away, and some may be like Judas who sold the Lord. Some will be like those of Pilate who was the representative of the Gentiles, even though they knew that the Lord was innocent, but they feared the power of the people and the world and handed Him over to the cross. Some may look like religious leaders who rejected the Son and rejected the kingdom of God even though they should have accepted and accepted the Son of God asking. What did you look like before we were saved? The reason why this part of the Gospels is accurately recorded is to show the corruption of the whole world. The Apostle Paul said that there is no righteous man. It is also our appearance. What did we look like? Who was it like? The cross of Jesus is not something that happened only in those days, but we, too, have the same sinful nature as those who killed Jesus. I am right! We crucified Jesus. We crucified Jesus, the Son of God. We rejected his son and we did not want the kingdom of God. And still, our sin nature remains in our bodies. This time we want to deeply meditate on our sin and on what sin we have been saved and to deeply repent for this sinfulness that still remains. Together we deeply meditate on the meaning of the cross of Jesus, and deeply pray for repentance for our sinfulness and for the whole of our weakness to be put down.

Luke 22: 42-44
“Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.”An angel from?heaven?appeared to him and strengthened him. And being in anguish, he prayed more earnestly, and his sweat was like drops of?blood?falling to the ground.’

Jesus, the Son of God, was full of divinity, but Jesus deeply tasted the pain of a death in the frail flesh. Jesus did not just taste the death of the flesh. You had to taste the death of the soul. We are in fact hard to understand this world deeply. But if we were to think of one thing, Jesus had never been separated spiritually from God. Spiritual death is the breaking of that relationship, which means eternal death. And that means that existence is gone. This is a much deeper pain world than physical death and a much more painful and tough world. Before this suffering, Jesus prayed for sweat to be a bloody bloom. But Jesus fulfilled the mission that came to earth in firm faith, as though Abraham believed in the resurrection of Isaac, even though God did not move the cup. The place of our ministry is also such a place, though the severity may be different. The place where the soul dies and lives is the place where we stand and ministry. Like many fathers of faith walked, as Jesus walked, the Apostle Paul professed that for his people I would be cut off from Christ. What are we ready for? What faith do we go this way? Have you ever been in despair, dissatisfaction, temptation, or easily abandoning your faith when you were not fulfilling your prayer, as you thought in your life? All of you, including me, will have such experiences. We want to deeply meditate and resemble the faith of Jesus, who, though he is not, believed in the love of God entirely. I want to pray this time. Through this retreat, through this period let us become fully involved in the resurrection of the Lord so that we will be truly resurrected for this and for this retreat! I would like to pray earnestly to have a humble heart and a gentle heart, resembling the image of Jesus who obeyed and obeyed to death

Throughout the prayer meeting hour, the Holy Spirit moved the hearts of all participants and poured forth the heart of repentance. All the members who attended repented with humble tears before God, and tasted comfort and power from above.