Thanksgiving Service: My Cup Overflows

November 19 | 2018

On November 18, Jubilee Church offered the Sunday Service and the sermon was preached from Psalm 23:1-6, titled “My Cup Overflows,” and the worship was focused on preparing the hearts of gratitude as the Thanksgiving Day is approaching.

“In Psalm 23, we read the confession of David. In David, he seems to have an overflowing joy, he seems to have the abundant gratitude. The faith of David shows how he was able to be thankful and grateful. More than we think what should I do for God, God wants us to remember the grace what He has poured out. That’s when we can have the gratitude. The grace and gratitude are connected. When we lose the grace, we can also lose the gratitude.”

“We give thanks to God for His amazing grace, for the things what he has given me. Already God has given us so many things. We need to remember. This is something we need to do on this Thanksgiving Day.”

After service, they had the Thanksgiving Potluck prepared by each member and enjoyed the fellowship joyfully. Afterward, the mini-retreat was continued with Bible studied on Romans 7 and 8. The members were able to understand the topics of Sanctification and Glorification through the message.

May Jubilee Church members prepare their attitude to remember what God has done in this upcoming Thanksgiving Day.