Acts Sermon Series: They Have Received The Holy Spirit Just As We Have

October 22 | 2018

On October 14, Jubilee Church offered the Sunday Service and the sermon was preached from Acts 10:17-48 titled, “They Have Received The Holy Spirit Just As We Have.”

All Jubilee Church members continued to meditate on the work of the Holy Spirit opening the door of the Gospel to the Gentiles through the story of Peter meeting Cornelius.

Pastor Petra preached, “Peter says about his realization how true it is that God does not show favoritism. God is different, the human, we all are prone to prejudice, by treating, judging others differently, but God is gracious and he gently break us of this favoritism, discrimination, all the biases, and prejudice so that He can work through us. God wants to spread the Gospel, the good news to all nations for His glory. And God can do this through his servants who are willing to obey and act in humility with the spirit of Jesus Christ. We have our own thought, our own concepts, and stubbornness but When we yield to the Lord and follow the Holy Spirit’s direction, God uses us mightily in His service.”

“Acts 10 this was just the beginning of the gospel moving out into Gentile territory. From this point on, the Gentiles are set on fire with the Gospel, That’s how the Gospel was able to expand. Let’s remember The same gospel that saved the apostles was mighty to save the Gentiles who believed in the Lord Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit came down on the Gentiles. The Gospel expanded to the Gentile lands, to the whole world, to the ends of the earth, by the precious apostle of the Lord. Because of Peter’s obedience, the gospel has come to the Gentiles and even to us.”

After the service, the members gathered to have the breaking bread. The members shared how the Holy Spirit guided both Peter and Cornelius to meet through the prayer to open the door of the mission. Also, one member said, “God truly works through the remnant who has the heart to serve God with their hearts, I was amazed by the work of the Holy Spirit but also the same time I was able to examine myself whether I truly have the heart to fear God and ready to be used by God.”

The members were able to share the joyful table fellowship served by brother Sam. May God continue work on each member at Jubilee to use their life to preach the Gospel and expand the mission territory.