Nashville + Atlanta Church Joint Prayer Meeting

October 6 | 2018

Southeast region prayer meeting was held at Jubilee Church with the members of Atlanta Bethel Community Church. This gathering was the second gathering following the meeting in July. The precious members from Atlanta came to Nashville to strengthen the church mission and the members of Jubilee Church.

As they gathered for the prayer meeting, they started with the praise and worship and the message was preached by Pastor Petra from Luke 22:54-62 about the denial of Peter. “Right in front of the cross, there was no power in Peter to face the death. Even though Peter had a great courage and strong confidence, he denied the Lord. Compared to Jesus who truly went to the death, Peter didn’t have the love to overcome the death. But the Lord was able to walk this path because His love was the Love that swallowed up the death. The Love of Jesus overcame the death.”

“At the cross, the Lord loved Peter, but not only He loved Peter only at the cross but also when He called this fisherman in the sea of Galilee, the Lord loved him. While Jesus was alive, Jesus also loved Peter. Even after his death and resurrection, the love of the Lord was still the same. The Lord loves him eternally and his love is always same. But most of the cases, we do not understand, we do not realize His love for us,” shared Pastor Petra.

All members prayed together with the deep desire of wanting to know the unchanging love of the Lord for each of them, and they also prayed for the churches in Atlanta and Nashville and for each other. The united prayer meeting was finished in the abundant grace of God. The members will continue to have a fellowship the following Saturday.

May God bless this joint gathering to bring a greater advance of the mission of the Southeast region.