Joint Evangelism and Powerful Prayer Meeting with Atlanta Bethel Church

July 23 | 2018

Jubilee Church in Nashville received the precious visitors from Atlanta Bethel Community Church and they all went out to evangelize campus students. God poured out so much grace during the evangelism. They prayed for the students whom they met on campus and brought so much strength to their souls. The members had a joyful dinner fellowship and they could share how amazing and graceful to gather and be united in spirit.

The highlight of the day was the prayer meeting. They started the prayer meeting with the heartfelt praise and everyone praised God wholeheartedly. The message was preached from Psalm 84:1-6, titled ‘Blessed are those whose strength is in you.’ The message encouraged the attendees to confess this honest image of yearning and crying out of our souls in front of God. Also, we seek God because He is the one whom we can find a true strength. Just as Psalmist said, though we may pass through the valley of Baka, meaning, ‘weeping’ that place of the tear will turn into the place of spring of living water. Following the beautiful song of Psalm 84, they prayed for the rain of the Holy Spirit to come down as they have an empty and humble heart.

The prayer meeting was such a powerful time that all the members prayed sincerely for the mission revival of two cities, church mission and the development of the ministry. They prayed earnestly for one another. God’s prophecies, healing, comfort, and guidance were overflowing. Everyone shared their grace freely after prayer meeting and gave all the thanks and glory back to God.

May the work of the Holy Spirit to be continued powerfully that this joint meeting can be a truly spiritual turning point for the mission work.