Thursday Bible Study Continues at Jubilee Church

July 6 | 2018

Jubilee Church has been holding the Thursday Bible study program for the church members.

The topic of four spiritual laws has been taught through Genesis 1 to 4 ‘Creation and Fall,’ and Romans 3 to 7 ‘Justification and Sanctification. And through Romans 8 the topic of ‘the Kingdom of God’ will be covered.

On July 5, Romans chapter 8:1-17 bible study covers the abundance of life in the gift of the Holy Spirit and the blessedness as we have become the temple of God that the Holy Spirit is living in us.

Also, the teaching about our new status as God’s children which the Holy Spirit testifies is the great gift and we do not belong to this world but belong to the heaven and adopted the family of God. As we are God’s children, we are heirs of God and co-heirs of God who will continue the history of God’s kingdom which Jesus walked and dedicated his whole life.

We are truly ignited by the letter of Paul for God’s Kingdom as we read this message. Christians who are living in the grace of the Holy Spirit will continue this precious commission of restoring the Kingdom of God no matter the suffering we may have.