Psalm 119 Sermon Series On Wednesday Service

June 29 | 2018

Jubilee Church starts Psalm 119 sermon series on Wednesday Services.

The Psalms illustrate the reality of living fellowship between God and His loving people. The Psalms are the words of God’s revelation, and the saint’s response to the Word is dynamic.

The reaction appears to be a true confession of faith in God. Such a profession of faith is a living response of the one who has received the grace of God.

The confession of faith is expressed in various forms in all the difficulties encountered by the saints on earth. It appears to be a reward for the salvation of God, a thankful and praise, a longing for the Word, a determination to obey the Lord, and a prayer to pray for and ask for grace.

It is also expressed as a cry of pain due to inner weakness and lust, infidelities unfamiliar to oneself, neighbors and society, and evil deeds. So the Psalms testify to the solidity of the saints who stand in the grace of the Lord and the reality of the fall from the frailty.

Please come and join Psalm 119 sermon series on Wednesday Service at Jubilee Church.