Jubilee Church To Start Book of Acts Sermon Series

June 1 | 2018

Jubilee Church in Nashville has completed the sermon on the mountain series on Sunday’s sermon, and now the book of Acts sermon series will be started from June. After Pentecost, the era of the Holy Spirit was opened up that the early church was established and believers performed the work of salvation such as evangelism, healing, and miracle.

Jubilee Church prays to inherit the life of the Apostles who lived and followed the footsteps of Jesus Christ in the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Through the preaching of the word from the book of Acts, may the work of the Holy Spirit be ignited in the hearts of members and they may see the revival of their spirit and church mission.

In addition, Thursday Bible study at church is ongoing on the message of ‘Salvation; Justification by Faith’ through Romans 3 and 4 in May after studying the part of Creation and Sin. In June, ‘Salvation; Sanctification and Glorification’ will be covered with Romans 5 to 8. May the strong desire of the truth be spread to the hearts of members so that Jubilee Church members’ lives be fully transformed by the word of God.