Graceful Pentecost Retreat in Atlanta

May 24 | 2018

On May 18-20, Jubilee Church members attended the Pentecost Retreat in Atlanta, the schedule includes the Bible studies, prayer meeting and fellowship in the grace of the Holy Spirit.

The pastors from Jubilee Church served in preaching the word of God; Pastor Nathanael delivered the sermon at opening service by emphasizing to seek the Holy Spirit which is the Spirit of comfort and truth.

Also, Pastor Petra preached on Acts 2:1-21 on the meaning of the advent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, the importance of praying, and the life attitude of those who receive the Holy Spirit.

By the great grace of God, the praise and prayer night was performed with Jubilee Church and Bethel Community Church worship team on the evening of the second-day retreat.

The members could freely praise God with their whole heart seeking the Holy Spirit and praying for the church, cities an country. The hearts of the members were deeply touched and filled with joy and freedom that came from the power of the Holy Spirit.

Also, the Pentecost Sunday Service was full of grace and truth as P. Anderson preached on the way of discipleship from the book of Luke chapter 9. The path of following Christ is the non-possession life and living the life of forming spiritual family prioritizing the kingdom of God. And Jubilee Church worship team served to lead the praise during the service.

After service, the members of the church could have a table fellowship served by Atlanta Bethel Community Church members. Jubilee Church members are very thankful for all the grace, prayer and blessings they could receive through this retreat in Atlanta.

May Jubilee Church members to move towards the Kingdom of God powerfully with the Holy Spirit.