Seek First His Kingdom and His Righteousness

April 30 | 2018

On April 29, Jubilee Church held the last Sunday Service of April and the sermon was continued from Matthew 6:16-34 titled, “Seek First His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

Continuing two acts of the righteousness of giving and praying, Jesus’ teaching was on how we should do fasting in right way. Fasting is seeking God, giving oneself entirely to God, so we should be concerned only about His honor and His glory instead of demonstrating our own self-righteousness to others.

Our Lord not only taught religious aspects of our lives, but he also gave the answer to our mundane life how we can deal with the cares of this world. We need to trust God who cares us and He knows what we need. God considers us as a precious child more than he does with births and flowers.

Jubilee Church was encouraged to seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness just as our Lord taught us to pray for hollowing His Name, seeking Kingdom and His will before we ask for our daily bread.

All members held a graceful worship and they gathered by the group and shared the grace and reflection of the sermon. One of the members said he wants to overcome the worries of money by trusting God. Also, members also shared about the experience of fasting in the past and how the fasting strengthened their spirit and helped them to near to God.

Jubilee Church prays for Pentecost Retreat in Atlanta which is scheduled on May 18 to 20.

Please pray for the evangelism, bible study, outreach classes, and church services to be the channel of God’s wonderful work.