Sunday Sermon: Feed My Lambs

April 17 | 2018

On April 15, Jubilee Church held the Sunday service and Pastor Petra preached the sermon titled, “Feed My Lambs,” from the book of John 21:15-18 where the resurrected Lord commissioned the head disciple, Peter, as the shepherd after the confirmation of love towards Him.

This warm conversation between Jesus and Peter let us understand the deeper world of love that we shall love God just as we are fully loved. In the answer of Peter saying, “Yes, Lord. You know that I love you,” we can truly come to love the Lord through the love that Jesus has shown on the cross. 

The way how we can confirm our love for the Lord is to feed His lambs, but the path of the shepherd is to lay down our lives and sacrifice. Though it is the path of the cross, Jesus still asks Peter to follow him. Though Peter followed the Lord, he once was shaken at the cross, but Peter was restored through the deep forgiveness of the Lord and he is to follow the Lord to the death by knowing the meaning of sacrifice and being assured of the power of resurrection. 

After breaking bread, the members enjoyed the served lunch by brother Sam who prepared the table fellowship once a month, and the members shared about the upcoming Pentecost retreat plan as well. 

Jubilee Church also announced the cell groups which will be formed from the next Sunday and Thursday Group Bible study. May God’s abundant grace be filled with the hearts of every member in Jubilee Church through the Word and fellowship.