Regional Pentecost Retreat in Atlanta

April 11 | 2018

Regional Pentecost Retreat
Date: May 18-20, 2018
Location: Atlanta Bethel Community Church
Address: 953 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. Atlanta Georgia 30314

Just as the promise of the Lord to stay in Jerusalem and wait for the gift of the Holy Spirit, the members of Jubilee Church will put the effort to gather together with Atlanta church members to experience the power from the above on Pentecost.

The three days schedule will begin on Friday evening of May 18 with opening service and prayer meeting. The graceful Bible studies, praise, fellowship, and sightseeing will be held on May 19, and there will be the Pentecost service on May 20.

Jubilee Church will pray for the members to join the three days Pentecost Retreat with a longing heart to experience the work of God.

May God prepare all the preparation, schedule and evangelism towards Pentecost Retreat in Atlanta.