Jubilee Church Meditates Farewell Prayer Of Jesus

March 30 | 2018

Jubilee Church gathered to hold the Wednesday service during the passion week. The sermon was preached from the gospel of John chapter 17.

The message explained the meaning of the farewell prayer of Jesus when the power of darkness was coming to him. This farewell prayer is what we need to hold onto when the darkness is approaching to the path of our faith.

Jesus prayed for the disciples who would be left in the world while Jesus was going back to the Father. The profound love and concern of good shepherd for disciples is deeply embedded here and the Lord prayed for the absolute unity between the Lord and them just as He was one with the Father in heaven.

Jesus also prayed for sanctification of the disciples and the protection from the evil one. When we know this sincere prayer of the Lord, we will not recklessly fall into the sin and temptation.

Jubilee Church members are encouraged to live by following the farewell prayer of Jesus and to show the true unity in the love of Jesus Christ. May Easter be the precious opportunity to know the power of the Love of our Lord.