Joyful Sunday Fellowship Held In God’s Truth

March 22 | 2018

On the third Sunday of March, Jubilee Church continued to meditate on the teaching of Jesus from Matthew 5:38-42.

The sermon was titled ‘Go The Second Mile,’ and the message highlighted the life of the Gospel beyond the one to one relationship. We have the sinful nature, wanting to revenge on those who sin, however, the teaching of Jesus is not to resist evil one, but go one more mile and give out gladly without being hardening our hearts.

On this day, the members welcomed the visitor, father of Pastor Nathanael who visited the church, and they had the breaking bread about the message and they reflected the life of the law versus the life of the Gospel. They shared their own experience how they could live out the teaching of Jesus and taste the plentiful and abundant world of the Gospel.

Brother Sam also served the table fellowship on every third Sunday and members had a very abundant fellowship upon the precious hands who prepared the meal with love. After the service, they had a chance to take the group photos with the joyful heart.

Jubilee Church announced the upcoming events, Jubilee Lent Mini-Retreat and Easter Retreat. May Jubilee Church members continue to live out the way of Gospel and share the beautiful life of love in Nashville.