Sunday Sermon: The Fulfillment of the Law

March 3 | 2018

On the last Sunday of February, Jubilee Church continued the meditation on the sermon on the mountains from Matthew 5:17-26. The passages were about ‘The fulfillment of the Law and Do Not Get Angry.’ The message highlighted the Gospel and the righteousness of God which is proclaimed by Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of the law and prophets.

The teachings of Jesus focuses on the sins of hearts and the core essence of the Laws and prophets is to love God with our whole heart and love our neighbors. Instead of dwelling on the death with hatred, we need to love one another and master the anger and bring the harmony to offer the true sacrifice to God.

Jubilee Church continues to meditate on the teaching of Jesus from Matthew chapters 5 to 7 on Sundays. Please join the Jubilee Church Sunday Service at 10:45 AM.