Jubilee Church Begins 40 Days of the Lent with Study of The Gospel John

February 16 | 2018

On February 14, Jubilee Church members gathered to give the Wednesday service as they begin the important season of the Lent from Ash Wednesday.

During the 40 Days of the Lent, Jubilee Church will study the Gospel John on Wednesday service and Friday prayer meeting. The meditation on the suffering of the Lord through the Gospel John will lead church members to the deep and profound world of love and eternal life.

The sermon was preached from John 11:1-5 about the appeal of Martha and Mary as their brother is sick. Though Jesus heard this, he stayed where he was two more days. It is recorded in verse 5, “Now Jesus loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus.”

The Lord loves them, but Jesus stayed two more days. We usually do not want the delay of the Lord in our walk of faith. However, the Lord wants us to overcome the bitterness of the death by strengthening our faith and giving us greater joy afterward.

Jubilee Church members meditated on true blessings and deep world of faith the Lord wants us to have in the time of trials, pain, and suffering.

May the 40 Days of the Lent be a precious period that Jubilee Church members can also reveal the absolute faith in death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.