Wednesday Service Sermon: ‘What Kind of People Are the Disciple of Christ?’

January 24 | 2018

On January 24, Jubilee Church continued to meditate on the teaching of Jesus from the sermon on the mountain in the book of Matthew. Pastor Isabel Yoo preached the sermon titled ‘What Kind of People Are the Disciple of Christ?’ from the Gospel of Matthew 5:13-16.

In the beginning of the sermon, she explains that this passage has an indication what kinds of people the disciples are. Just as the salt has a function of purifying or symbol of driving evil things, the disciples of Jesus should be true Christians who can keep this world pure and holy.

Also, just as the salt has unique taste, Christians should reveal its unique personality. The life we live is not for misery, but we were sent to this beautiful garden of God with the special commission. Instead of being dark or gloomy, the life of Christian should reveal the taste of salt to this world.

Jesus also said, “You are the light of the world.” Apostle John testified Jesus as a big light in the book of John. We, as the disciples of Jesus, are the small light. As the light and darkness can’t co-exist, the disciple of Jesus should arise and shine the world. The disciples of Christ cannot be hidden but they should proclaim the light of truth to the whole world.

May Jubilee Church hold on this identity of salt and light in this city of Nashville and raise up the true disciples of Jesus Christ who can bring God’s Kingdom on earth.