Saturday Outreach Class Kicks Off

January 20 | 2018

Jubilee Church held the first outreach program of 6-week Mandarin Class for Beginners January 20, 2018. This program was offered by the church member, Xinyue Wu. She prepared her first class with the handout, the PowerPoint, activity, and homework for students.

Three newcomers actively learned the Chinese vowels and tones on the first week, and the class will last until February 24, 2018. Xinyue appreciated the opportunity to help the church activities. Jubilee Church prays God can use her voluntary heart to bring one more lost soul to Jesus Christ.

From January 27 until March 3, 2018, Worship Guitar and Piano Lessons will be held as well for 6 weeks by Pastor Nathanael Lee. Jubilee Church prays that the good people and potential worship leaders may be found through this channel.

Jubilee Church may continue to plant the seeds of faith and hope that God will work through the different effort of outreach programs and He will send the co-workers for His Kingdom.