Jubilee Church To Serve One Another Through Different Gifts

January 20 | 2018

On the third Wednesday service of January, Jubilee Church mediated on the passage from Romans 12:1-13 titled ‘Love must be sincere.’

Romans chapter 12 covers the topics of new living of Christians and Ecclesiology. This message shows the image of Church which is composed of every member and form one body. Though each person has different gift what God has entrusted, there is no quality difference in each part of the body and everyone has a value and preciousness.

One part suffers, then other parts of the body suffer. One part gets honored, all other parts rejoice over it. Each member of the body is deeply connected together as one body and when each part and member functions well, the whole body will be healthy and functioning great and beautifully.

Jubilee Church is encouraged to live the life of love in serving and humility and this passage may be a dream and future image of Jubilee Church. Jubilee Church aims to serve one another during 40 days walk to fulfill the goals together. May each member of the church understand the value of each part and co-work together to build up God’s Kingdom here on earth.