Jubilee Church Concludes the Year of 2017, New Year Service Held In Hope of Great Revival

January 4 | 2018

On December 31, the members of Jubilee Church gathered to offer the last Sunday service of 2017 as they were to conclude the past year of 2017. The sermon on Sunday service was titled “The Parable of the Shrewd Manager” from the Book of Luke 16:1-13.

The preacher exported the members to learn the wisdom of our life from this parable which is taught by Jesus Christ. In this parable, the dishonest manager was commended for being wise when he knew his own position as the manager and he was aware of the end of his management. Not only so, he prepared the time for the after the end.

Believers, as the people of the light, should have the wisdom of life knowing that we are not the master of our life, but we are a mere manager who is taking care of everything God has given to us for a set period of time. As we are the limited and finite being who will face the death and judgment, we need to be wise and spend our time, talents, possession and worldly wealth to gain friends through evangelism and mission and reduce the debts of the sinners. The church members were called to become the good, faithful and wise manager who can be commended by God.

Jubilee Church is encouraged to participate in finding back one lost soul to God to give the joy and glory to our God in the upcoming year of 2018. After the service, all members shared the grateful things and stories of overcoming challenges and trials that they experienced in the year of 2017 during the table fellowship.

As the new year of 2018 was approaching, Jubilee Church members gathered at the last hour of 2017 to be prepared to give the very first hour of the New Year to God and offer the New Year Service. After the time of worship and New Year opening prayer, Pastor Nathanael Lee shared the message of God from the book of Isaiah 60:1-13 titled “Arise and Shine.”

The preacher emphasized the meaning of the New Year service as it is a time of commemorating and remember the grace of God that he poured out throughout the year, and he explained how God is leading and guiding Jubilee Church and each member in the history of God.

He exhorted, “the great revival and the amazing work of God will be displayed following the promise of God as it is written in Isaiah chapter 60. Though we may seem small and few, we are not alone. And if we are the ones who are chosen by God and true people of God, it is more than enough God can change the city of Nashville and save all people through each one of us and Jubilee Church.”

After the service, they prayed to pick the yearly Bible verse together and engraved the word of God for this year of 2018.

May Jubilee Church arise and shine to be the channel of God’s blessing and each member may actively participate in the history of amazing work of the Holy Spirit.