Graceful Group Bible Study of Fall Semester Concluded on Vanderbilt Campus

December 9 | 2017

Vanderbilt bible study group held the last meeting of Fall Semester 2017. The students have been studying the Book of John chapter 1 through 9, and they explored the scriptures about John the Baptist, the calling of first disciples and the different miracles performed by Jesus.


Pastor Rhoda shared the message about a man born blind from John 9:1-7. This story allows us to ask whether any misery, tragedy or suffering in life are consequences of our sins. However, the way Jesus explains is different. It is for God’s glory and His works to be displayed in our lives.


By putting the mud with the saliva, this born blind man was able to open his eyes. We also may go through a time of suffering and pain, but this experience leads us to rely on God, we will be disciplined as a son and we will able to open our eyes deeper into God’s truth and love.


Students shared their thoughts and testimonies related to this story and they learned how to view and interpret sufferings and pains of their lives with the eyes of Jesus.


After Bible study, students expressed their gratitude to Pastor Rhoda for her leadership and sharing the Word of God, and they also received the small gift as they wrap up the Fall semester Bible study meeting and look forward to continuing to gather to study Bible next semester in January 2018.