Jubilee Church Celebrates Thanksgiving Day In Joy and Gratitude

November 24 | 2017

On Nov. 23, Jubilee Church in Nashville celebrated Thanksgiving Day in joy and gratitude. Thanksgiving Service was started with the heartfelt praise and worship, and the members could open their hearts to remember God’s grace and love that He poured out throughout the year of 2017.


The sermon was preached from John 12:1-3 titled, “Here a dinner was given in Jesus’ honor.” The dinner at Bethany was a very precious dinner that contained the love and gratitude towards Jesus. Lazarus who was once dead was alive through the power of resurrection from our Lord Jesus. Lazarus’ sister Martha served, and another sister Mary broke the expensive perfume to wipe off the feet of Jesus with her hair.


The preacher shared, “When we look at this scene of Mary, she had the deep thankfulness, an overflowing gratitude towards Jesus. Only thing that matters for Mary was Jesus’ honour. This dinner was given to please the Lord, to give love and thanks back to the Lord. Just as Mary who broke the most precious thing for the Lord, we may also express our thanksgiving wholeheartedly to our Lord Jesus Christ who saved us.”


After service, the members could enjoy the abundant thanksgiving dinner prepared by Pastor Rhoda and church member Sam. Thanksgiving dinner was a joyful time for members to share their hearts. May Jubilee Church members reflect and count the blessings and grace what God has done and give all the glory and honor to our Lord.