Seven Students Gathered at Vanderbilt Bible Study

November 20 | 2017

Vanderbilt Campus Bible study was blessed with seven students and four students were newcomers. Jubilee Church has been praying for the stable seven students to join the Bible study, and God is answering to the prayer week by week. Now Jubilee Church ministers also are praying for the potential students who could come to church services and worship nights, so that the campus students could be connected to the church and be part of the community of Jubilee Church together.

During the Bible Study, the group leader shared the message from John 4 :1-42. Students discussed the spring of the living water and the meaning of husband which Jesus asked the Samaritan woman to bring to Him. The discussion helped all students to understand Jesus Christ is only one who could satisfy the thirst in our souls and we need to clear off the false love from the past in order to experience the eternal living water from our Lord Jesus.

Jubilee Church is teaching the book of John this semester at Vanderbilt and may God send the prepared souls who are willing to devote their life following the truth and co-work for God’s Kingdom.