Jubilee Church Held Sunday Service With Breaking Bread and Blessing

September 5 | 2017

On September 4th, Jubilee Church had Sunday Service to learn about faith of Abraham. In Romans 4, Paul proves the principle of justification by faith with the example of Abraham and David.

The promise of God given to Abraham, as Paul saw it, was dependent on two things and two things only-the free grace of God and the perfect faith of Abraham. It is such a great hope to us as well. No matter how evil a father we may have, we too have received the promise to be heirs of God. And the way to be an heir has nothing to do with where we came from or what we did but it is only by grace and faith. The true people of God are descendants of the faith of Abraham. “Yet he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God”.

In the breaking bread time, members said they wanted to follow the faith of Abraham, before the promise of God is fulfilled, really wait in patience and live on hope. They find the similar experience of many faith giants, like Joseph, Moses, and David. They were given the promise of God, but the reality was pit, desert or chasing, but they didn’t waver in their faith. Next week Joe and Stellor will go to Europe for a while, so members also prayed for these two brothers to be protected by God.