Jubilee Church Concludes Summer Retreat with Joy and Blessings

August 30 | 2017

On August 27th, Jubilee Church in Nashville finished this year’s Summer Retreat with the Sunday Service message about cost of being disciples. Eight visitors drawn by Worship Night joined the service together.

When a lot of people came to Jesus because of miracles, Jesus withdrew himself from people. Now it’s the time to train disciples, so when people came to Jesus to say I want to follow you, Jesus spoke very challenging words to them. As the disciples of Jesus, we should live a life surpassing the confines of materials, blood lineage, and past life.

One pastor who is visiting American churches from India gave a testimony about his faith during table fellowship time. This Sunday is the last service that worship leader Erin because she will move back to Wisconsin for her marriage. She also testified how God led her to Jubilee Church from the beginning of this church and the growth of Jubilee members. Members gave blessings to her new life with flower and gift.

Please help us pray the faith of Jubilee Church members could grow day by day through listening to the Word of God and serving together.