Southeast Region Weeklong Retreat

Sermon on the Mount

Starting from October 11, the Southeast Region of Churches in the Olivet Assembly will hold a retreat ending on October 15th.

The text of study for this retreat will be the whole of Matthew chapters 5 all through to chapter 7, thus we will be focusing on the Sermon delivered by Jesus on the Mountainside. We hope that in this retreat we will fully understand the fulfillment of the Law which Jesus presents to us in his teachings. From this understanding, we can live our Christian lives not bound to the law, but empowered by the spirit to walk in righteousness.

The structure of the retreat this week will be 2 daily lectures at 1:30 pm CST and 3:00 pm CST, on Zoom video conferencing. After each lecture, we will fellowship and share the grace from the lecture. Therefore, we hope to see you all.