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  • Acts Sermon Series: This Man Is My Chosen Instrument

    On September 16, Jubilee Church offered the Sunday Service, and the Acts sermon series was continued from chapter 9 verses 10 to 19 titled, ‘This Man Is My Chosen Instrument.’ “Through the story of Saul’s conversion, we can see how the Lord accepted the greatest enemy, Saul, through his forgiveness, and He also sent the mediator, Ananias to restore Saul’s sight and heal him. Saul being shocked by the unconditional love was praying and didn’t eat or drink anything,” said Pastor Petra. “When the Lord called us, He has a clear plan and reason why God chose us. Saul was a chosen instrument to proclaim the name of the Lord. Though the Lord teared him up, He restored him again…

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  • September 11 | 2018
    Jubilee Church Holds Mini-Retreat on September 15

    Jubilee Church is preparing the monthly mini-retreat that is scheduled on September 15. The theme of the retreat will be ‘The Power of Gospel’ covering the book of Romans 3 to 4. We will study the book of Romans reflecting on God’s righteousness. Everyone will ponder and meditate on God’s truth and the precious message of the Gospel together. There will be two Bible studies, lunch, prayer, and fellowship during the schedule between 10am to 2pm. Jubilee Church prays for the first gathering of the monthly mini-retreat may be guided by God and bear the precious fruits of life.

  • September 8 | 2018
    Sunday Service Sermon: Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch

    On the first Sunday service of September, Jubilee Church meditated on the story of Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch from Acts 8:26-40. Through the guidance of the Spirit, Philip was led to the desert road and he met the Ethiopian Eunuch who was reading the book of Isaiah in the chariot as he was on his way to home after worship in Jerusalem. Though this Ethiopian eunuch was a man of influence, power and wealth, his spiritual reality was in despair because no life would be born after him and through him. However, God opened the new future and hope to this hopeless one by giving the everlasting name, Jesus, who was the lamb of God who carried the sins…

  • September 8 | 2018
    Jubilee Church Performs Live Music During Fundraising Event

    On August 25, Jubilee Church members gathered to hold the fundraising event. The hearts of the members were united for this event to be fruitful and successful in gathering fund for the Church renovation. The worship team members also performed live worship songs for one and half hour and brought in the gracious atmosphere the whole time. During the fundraising event, there was one store owner who wanted to buy many gifts for Egyptian Christian kids. The members could feel the guidance of God that this event could also become a blessing to others. Jubilee Church members were thankful to be able to hold this event by the grace of God and they want to pray more for the Church…