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  • Jubilee Church Holds ’Christmas Worship’ On Dec. 16

    Jubilee Church will hold a special Christmas celebration with a message, gift exchange, games, and praise, and worship on December 16, Sunday. Continuing a tradition started three years ago, the worship and fellowship aim to remind people as to the reason why Christmas is celebrated, pointing believers and non-believers alike to the great hope and expectation we have in the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. All church members are also praying all members could join actively and invite their friends to have a joyful and graceful gathering.

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  • November 19 | 2018
    Thanksgiving Service: My Cup Overflows

    On November 18, Jubilee Church offered the Sunday Service and the sermon was preached from Psalm 23:1-6, titled “My Cup Overflows,” and the worship was focused on preparing the hearts of gratitude as the Thanksgiving Day is approaching. “In Psalm 23, we read the confession of David. In David, he seems to have an overflowing joy, he seems to have the abundant gratitude. The faith of David shows how he was able to be thankful and grateful. More than we think what should I do for God, God wants us to remember the grace what He has poured out. That’s when we can have the gratitude. The grace and gratitude are connected. When we lose the grace, we can also…

  • October 22 | 2018
    Acts Sermon Series: They Have Received The Holy Spirit Just As We Have

    On October 14, Jubilee Church offered the Sunday Service and the sermon was preached from Acts 10:17-48 titled, “They Have Received The Holy Spirit Just As We Have.” All Jubilee Church members continued to meditate on the work of the Holy Spirit opening the door of the Gospel to the Gentiles through the story of Peter meeting Cornelius. Pastor Petra preached, “Peter says about his realization how true it is that God does not show favoritism. God is different, the human, we all are prone to prejudice, by treating, judging others differently, but God is gracious and he gently break us of this favoritism, discrimination, all the biases, and prejudice so that He can work through us. God wants to…

  • October 6 | 2018
    Nashville + Atlanta Church Joint Prayer Meeting

    Southeast region prayer meeting was held at Jubilee Church with the members of Atlanta Bethel Community Church. This gathering was the second gathering following the meeting in July. The precious members from Atlanta came to Nashville to strengthen the church mission and the members of Jubilee Church. As they gathered for the prayer meeting, they started with the praise and worship and the message was preached by Pastor Petra from Luke 22:54-62 about the denial of Peter. “Right in front of the cross, there was no power in Peter to face the death. Even though Peter had a great courage and strong confidence, he denied the Lord. Compared to Jesus who truly went to the death, Peter didn’t have the…