• You’re Invited to Summer Retreat

    There will be the Summer Retreat gathering in Dover, NY from August 10 to 12. The retreat will be focused on the theme of “The Righteous Will Live by Faith.” The lectures and messages will expound soteriological topics based on the Book of Romans from Chapter 1 until 4. There will be 4 Bible lectures, delivered from Romans 1-4. The breaking bread sessions and worship night are planned for all participants. On Saturday, there will be a large carnival during lunch that will consist of games and entertainment for all families and guests. The retreat fee is $50 per person. Jubilee Church welcomes all to attend the Summer Retreat. Please contact Pastor for more details.

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  • July 23 | 2018
    Sunday Sermon Series: Choosing of the Seven

    On July 22, Jubilee Church members gathered to offer the Sunday service with two visitors. The sermon was preached from Acts 6:1-7 titled, ‘Choosing of the Seven.’ The main function of the church is teaching the Word of God and the new role of deacon which is serving the church was set up to make the church to function healthily and properly. Every part of one body is precious and valuable. Especially the deacons who serve need to be filled with the Spirit and the wisdom. The members shared the reflection and afterward, they enjoyed the table fellowship together as brother Sam prepared the abundant meal. Jubilee Church encourages each part, each member of one body to discover their gift…

  • July 23 | 2018
    Joint Evangelism and Powerful Prayer Meeting with Atlanta Bethel Church

    Jubilee Church in Nashville received the precious visitors from Atlanta Bethel Community Church and they all went out to evangelize campus students. God poured out so much grace during the evangelism. They prayed for the students whom they met on campus and brought so much strength to their souls. The members had a joyful dinner fellowship and they could share how amazing and graceful to gather and be united in spirit. The highlight of the day was the prayer meeting. They started the prayer meeting with the heartfelt praise and everyone praised God wholeheartedly. The message was preached from Psalm 84:1-6, titled ‘Blessed are those whose strength is in you.’ The message encouraged the attendees to confess this honest image…

  • July 17 | 2018
    Joint Evangelism And Prayer Meeting With Atlanta Bethel Community Church

    Jubilee Church will hold the joint-evangelism at Vanderbilt University this Friday afternoon 2PM to 5PM as Atlanta Bethel Community Church leaders will pay a visit to Nashville for strengthening its mission activity. After the group evangelism, the prayer meeting will be held together at 7PM and Jubilee church members expect the power of the Holy Spirit to come down upon the gathering. Please come and join us this Friday! God bless you all!

  • July 6 | 2018
    Thursday Bible Study Continues at Jubilee Church

    Jubilee Church has been holding the Thursday Bible study program for the church members. The topic of four spiritual laws has been taught through Genesis 1 to 4 ‘Creation and Fall,’ and Romans 3 to 7 ‘Justification and Sanctification. And through Romans 8 the topic of ‘the Kingdom of God’ will be covered. On July 5, Romans chapter 8:1-17 bible study covers the abundance of life in the gift of the Holy Spirit and the blessedness as we have become the temple of God that the Holy Spirit is living in us. Also, the teaching about our new status as God’s children which the Holy Spirit testifies is the great gift and we do not belong to this world but…

  • June 29 | 2018
    Psalm 119 Sermon Series On Wednesday Service

    Jubilee Church starts Psalm 119 sermon series on Wednesday Services. The Psalms illustrate the reality of living fellowship between God and His loving people. The Psalms are the words of God’s revelation, and the saint’s response to the Word is dynamic. The reaction appears to be a true confession of faith in God. Such a profession of faith is a living response of the one who has received the grace of God. The confession of faith is expressed in various forms in all the difficulties encountered by the saints on earth. It appears to be a reward for the salvation of God, a thankful and praise, a longing for the Word, a determination to obey the Lord, and a prayer…

  • June 25 | 2018
    Acts Sermon Series: Life In The Early Church

    On June 24, Jubilee Church held the last Sunday service of June and the sermon was preached from Acts 2:42-47 and Acts 4:32-37. The message encouraged the members to follow the image of the early church who devoted to the Apostle’s teaching, to fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and to the prayer. Also, the life of the early believers who shared everything in common shows the beautiful community of love. Also, they continue to meet together every day and they shared the breaking bread and table fellowship with gladness and sincerity. After service, they had the breaking bread sharing their reflection and joined the table fellowship which is prepared by church member. Jubilee Church prays to become the similar…

  • June 21 | 2018
    Jubilee Church Held The Father’s Day Service And Church Picnic

    On June 17, Jubilee Church in Nashville offered The Father’s Day Sunday Service and the sermon was preached from Psalms 128:1-6 and Ephesians 5:21-33 titled, “Blessed the man who fears the Lord.” The message highlighted the Fear of the Lord as an essential foundation of the family and the important role of the fathers and husbands to walk in obedience to God. The blessings of the fruits of labor, wife, children, and long-life are promised for the man who fears the Lord. Also, the Apostle Paul’s instruction for wives and husbands was preached. The commission and role of the wives are to submit to their husbands just as the churches to the Lord and the husbands love their wives just…

  • June 12 | 2018
    Welcome to Father’s Day Event

    Jubilee Church is inviting everyone to the church outreach event on Father’s Day. (June 17th, Sunday) The Father’s Day Sunday Service will be held at the church at 10:45 am. After Sunday service, everyone is welcomed to join the picnic event at Percy Priest Lake at 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Through this church picnic activities, Jubilee Church takes the opportunity to invite newcomers who are joining at outreach classes and people who got invited during the evangelism. There will be a graceful time of praise, fellowship and outdoor activity. Please join us and enjoy the creation of God and also worship the Lord together.

  • June 1 | 2018
    Jubilee Church To Start Book of Acts Sermon Series

    Jubilee Church in Nashville has completed the sermon on the mountain series on Sunday’s sermon, and now the book of Acts sermon series will be started from June. After Pentecost, the era of the Holy Spirit was opened up that the early church was established and believers performed the work of salvation such as evangelism, healing, and miracle. Jubilee Church prays to inherit the life of the Apostles who lived and followed the footsteps of Jesus Christ in the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Through the preaching of the word from the book of Acts, may the work of the Holy Spirit be ignited in the hearts of members and they may see the revival of their spirit and church…