Romans Bible Study @ Belmont

January 20 | 2018

Jubilee Church will hold the Bible study at Fridays 5 pm at Beaman center 1st floor.
We are going to study the book of Romans, the letter of Apostle Paul.

The Epistle to the Romans: Paul’s Love Letter from God

FOREWORD/ Romans, A Love Letter?

STUDY 1/ Introduction I: Romans And The Key Figures

STUDY 2/ Introduction II: Study Of Romans

STUDY 3/ Paul And The Gospel [Romans 1:1-7]

STUDY 4/ The Righteous Will Live By Faith [Romans 1:8-17]

STUDY 5/ The Wrath Of God [Romans 1:18-32]

STUDY 6/ Not Just Hearing But Doing [Romans 2:1-16]

STUDY 7/ The True Jew And True Circumcision [Romans 2:17-3:8]

STUDY 8/ Justified Freely By His Grace Through The Redemption In Jesus Christ [Romans 3:9-3:26]

STUDY 9/ Grace And Faith [Romans 3:27-4:25]