Jubilee Church Members Seek One Heart For 40 Days Evangelism and Outreach

January 11 | 2018
Jubilee Church offered a first Sunday Service of 2018 with ten church members, and they meditated on the prophecy of God from the book of Isaiah 43:18-21. The sermon titled ‘See, I am doing a new thing’ was preached by Pastor Petra Kim and she emphasized the importance of letting of the past and holding onto future as God’s plan for us is to give hope, new start and bright future. When we want to make a new start in our life, all we need to do is turn to God. When we turn to Him, we ourselves were made new. And for the God who created the universe from nothing, nothing is impossible. God’s goal for us, was to give us a new beginning. God’s message is, “I am about to do something new.” The promise of God for us is that He will make a way and Jesus is our fresh start. He is our way in the wilderness. Jesus is the streams in the wastelands. After Sunday service, Jubilee Church made the announcement of 40 Days Evangelism and Outreach plan to recruit the volunteers for campus evangelism and different outreach classes. Justin is willing to participate in the evangelism and campus Bible study, Xinyue Wu has shown her support to help and hold Chinese class. Also, Pastor Nathanael Lee will open the guitar and piano class, and hopefully the young member, Amari also is expected to offer the Art class as well. Also, all members enjoyed the precious lunch fellowship prepared by brother Justin and they also had a joyful time to get to know one another more by playing Yut, traditional Korean family game together. Jubilee Church is very thankful for each member’s heart to outreach one more soul through their time, talent and passion. May God unite the heart of church members for revival and church growth.