Welcome to Jubilee Church

A place to remember the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ, as He showed through His sacrifice on the cross, opening the way for our salvation. Jubilee church is purposed to help you know Christ deeply and to form a strong and loving relationship with Him based on his great grace and grant you the power of God’s Holy Spirit to live a life that will glorify Him.

Please have a look around the rest of this website to know a little more about Jubilee, although we encourage you to visit and see for yourself what God is doing at our church!


Jubilee Family

Our Family Group exists to empower and help families to grow in their relationship with God and to become pillars of our communities.

If interested, please contact at email: jubileefamily@jubileechurch.tv


Support one another to become strong.

College Students

Help to strength their relationship with God.


Learn the love of God, had their first experience in church



Feb. 2017

Bible Study Series of Genesis

We will start a weekday Bible study group for Genesis from next week. Let's take time to meditate the heart of God along the original history of human being. Time will be every Thursday at 6pm. Welcome to join us for this journal of faith in 2017!

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Dec. 2016

Jubilee Church Christmas Celebration

Last year we had wonderful Christmas party for all Jubilee Church members. This year we will do it again on December 17th, 1PM-3PM. With singing, dancing, games and gifts changing, we want to express the great joy and peace we have gained through our Lord Jesus Christ. The peace given by God through the coming of Jesus is the reconciliation between God and us. Welcome to join us at Jubilee Church on 17th!

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Sep. 2016

September Mini-Retreat

This retreat program will be held on September 30th and October 1st, especially focusing on deeply meditating the doctrine of Soteriology. The location will be at Vanderbilt campus. The message will be preached with Romans Chapter 1 to 4. The schedule is filled with 4 bible studies, one worship night and breaking bread time. Welcome to join us!

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Aug. 2016

Summer Retreat

The 2016 Southeastern Region Summer Retreat will be hosted by Jubilee Church in Nashville, Tennessee from August 19th through the 21st. The community of churches participating this year will be Atlanta Bethel Community Church, Birmingham Jubilee Evangelical Church and the host church, Jubilee Community. This three day retreat is themed around Matthew 13, focusing on the sermon Jesus preached to his disciples about the kingdom of God. There will be rousing Bible studies, Prayer Night, a Worship Night, fellowship full of engaging conversations and sharing grace. Many members from each church are expected to come, but each church sincerely hopes that many others will be able to participate in this gathering, including you! For schedules, please visit: http://jubileechurch.tv/southeast_summer_retreat_2016/

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Jul. 2016

July 10th's Sunday Service Will Be Cancelled Due to Church Special Event

Hello, there. This Sunday will be Jubilee's 14th anniversary, so majority of Jubilee Church members will go to St. Louis to join this special event. Please continue to worship with us next Sunday on July 17th!!

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